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The 4 Hour Work Week Book Review

February 04, 2007

Generally speaking I am fairly skeptical of get rich quick schemes (including books) and anything resembling them. However after hearing glowing reviews from a number of friends I decided to pick up the The 4-Hour work Week by Timothy Ferriss while at my weekly visit to Costco. I finished the book in approximately 2 days and in the past 3 weeks I’ve reread it nearly 4 times.

The book is designed to be a cookbook for for living life on your terms. This includes living where you want and doing what you want, all while making enough money to accomplish your dreams. Through clear examples Ferriss explains a broad range of topics ranging from business concepts like Parkisons law and the 80/20 rule to tactics on how to get your boss to allow you to work remotely. My favorite concept from the book is how unrealistic the idea of retirement is and how if planned properly you can be doing all the things you really want to be doing much sooner. If you are an entrepreneur (or are thinking about becoming one) and are looking for ways to improve efficiency and sales, then this is a must read!


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