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Welcome to my new homepage

January 27, 2007

This site isn't much to look at now, but you have to start somewhere and this is a whole lot better than what was here before :-)

Currently I am a Security Engineer for a mid sized S.F bay area research company. But this site has nothing to do with that and everything to do with what I do with my spare time...creating wealth. In June, 2006 I started my own company and havn't looked back since! I'd like to use this web site as a platform to share any knowledge that I think would be valuable to others, especially those interested in becoming an Internet entrepreneur or those who just want to make money. There are several truths, which I try to live live by:

Truth #1) Making money is generally a binary operation: you're either making money or spending it

For this reason, I spend a great deal of my spare time (when I'm not getting paid) devising ways to get paid. Both my passion and formal education deal with computers so it usally isn't a suprise that most of my projects tend to involve computers. But at this point, what doesn't involve computers?



What the future has in store

You can expect this site to change fairly regularly (probably a least once per week). I will be using it mostly as a way to centrally house my ideas and as a way to test new and/or exciting projects that I happen to be working on. If you'd like to see something on this site or have any sort of feedback please feel free to contact me.