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Wait, Whos Space Is This?

February 04, 2007

As part of refining my online money making skills I am constantly re-evaluating my online presence(s). Sometimes when doing these informal re-evaluations I make subtle discoveries. Todays discovery is by no means earth shattering, but noteworthy none the less. For most of you this will probably come as no surprise, but for a select few maybe it will cause a flicker in the proverbial upstairs light bulb.


So there I was logging into “my” myspace just like I do once every few months after being harassed by friends for not responding to their emails/comments. When at the top of MY myspace was an advertisement! Then I looked left and there was another one! And then when I scrolled down you wouldn’t believe what I saw. Yup, another advertisement. At first this didn’t phase me, but when I thought about the revenue being made from my friends and family I began to feel upset. Not because they are making money off of my friends and family, but because I wasn’t getting a cut! How dare them. Then it hit me. This myspace page of mine feels like it’s My space, but in reality isn’t. Your myspace (and mine too) is really Fox Interactive Media’s Myspace. So instead of spending countless hours “pimping” your myspace page just remember one thing. If this were really YOUR myspace you would be seeing ad revenue checks from the advertisements on YOUR space! Viva La Internet :-)



What the future has in store

You can expect this site to change fairly regularly (probably a least once per week). I will be using it mostly as a way to centrally house my ideas and as a way to test new and/or exciting projects that I happen to be working on. If you'd like to see something on this site or have any sort of feedback please feel free to contact me.