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Why I Blog

February 04, 2007

Lately I’ve been been getting a lot of questions regarding my motivation for blogging. People ask me questions like the following… Why put personal information on the web? Or what do you get out of taking time to rant a few times a week online? The answers are very simple and to be honest, before I started a blog of my own I had similar concerns. Seemed like a big waste of time, or so I thought…


The truth is I blog because I like it. I like centrally housing my ideas and sharing my learning experiences with hopes that they can be of value to somebody else. Secondly, I blog because it is profitable. I spend $3.99 a month for hosting through 1and1.com and consistently making around $20 dollars per month from this blog. So I’m not a rocket scientist or anything but I’m pretty sure it’s profitable :-)


So for all of you nay sayers who ask why blog, I ask you why aren’t you blogging? Unlike yourmyspace, this is actually making me money



What the future has in store

You can expect this site to change fairly regularly (probably a least once per week). I will be using it mostly as a way to centrally house my ideas and as a way to test new and/or exciting projects that I happen to be working on. If you'd like to see something on this site or have any sort of feedback please feel free to contact me.