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Viewing Windows Updates

February 04, 2007

When dealing with machines that are acting peculiar it is nice to be able to check to see what windows updates are installed without having to go to Microsoft’s update site (because sometimes you just don’t want to be online) or install any third party applications. To do this we will use the powerful and not very well documented Windows WMIC framework which comes standard on Xp and 2003 OS’s.


Command to show all Windows hotfixes and patches: C:\>wmic qfe


Some other useful WMIC commands (the // signifies a comment and IS NOT part of the command):


C:\>wmic /? //wmic help command


C:\>wmic process [pid] delete //similar to Unix’s kill -9


C:\>wmic process where name=’cmd.exe’ delete //kill processes by name


C:\>wmic process list brief /every:1 //similar to Unix’s top


C:\>wmic useraccount //lists all about users


C:\>wmic startup list full //lists startup and autostart reg keys


Portions of this were borrowed from SANS’ website. To see more visit their page(http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=1229)



What the future has in store

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